Fluorite - cat plate

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Fluorite can help improve concentration and it can act as a "psychic vacuum cleaner", cleaning the atmosphere of confusion and cluttered thoughts. Find out more on our small plate!

Small plate Fluorite - Cat 

Weight: 174 gr

Dimension: 7 x 6.5cm

Stones not included

Note: The weight, size and color may vary slightly from the pictures.


Fluorite Properties

Chakras: (according to color)

Clarity, better decision making, cleansing of energy fields

Fluorite can act as a "psychic vacuum cleaner", clearing the atmosphere of confusion, racing thoughts and negativity. It can improve concentration and help us to think clearly and make subtle but important distinctions about the kinds of energies and people we allow into our world. It can be an important ally for those who must make a series of informed choices to navigate the waters of life."