Non-Responsibility clause

Although we strive to keep our website content up to date, occasional errors and/or omissions are inevitable.
That being said, as it stands, the Pierres d’Ailleurs website and its content as well as the services offered within, is presented to you “as is” and offers no guarantees, implied or tacit. 
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Your use of the Pierres d’Ailleurs website implicitly suggests that you agree to indemnify and cover Pierres d’Ailleurs, the members of its group, the members of its board, its employees, its representatives and its licence grantors in regards to total losses, fees, damages + interest, claims, penalties, fees and debts (notably the legal and reasonable accounting fees) which could result:
1. of all content (including but not limited to user content) that you (or all other person who uses your user name or password) submit, display or provide to visitors to the Pierres d’Ailleurs website;
2. of your use (or whoever uses your user name or password) of the Pierres d’Ailleurs website , your connection to it, or any other alleged violation on your behalf of the aforementioned user modalities, including but not limited to, the code of conduct;
3. of the non-respect, on your behalf, of any laws or rights of a third party