Black Tourmaline Ring - Dahlia

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Black Tourmaline is a good protective and grounding stone. It helps us to free ourselves from negative thoughts and to purify the energy bodies. Find out more on our ring Dahlia!

Black Tourmaline Ring

Made in Nepal

Dimension: 0.6cm X 1 cm

Weight: 2.3gr

9.25 Silver

Note: The weight, size and color may vary slightly from the pictures.


Black Tourmaline Properties

Chakra: Root (1st)

Purification, protection, grounding

One of the main stones of our time. It transmutes and purifies negative energy, turning it into usable energy. Black Tourmaline protects our energy field from attachments, entities and energetic debris by acting as an etheric vacuum cleaner. On another level, it rids us of negative thoughts of all kinds, becoming useful in countering high stress and chronic anxiety. Black Tourmaline is a great grounding stone, connecting to the earth's energy center.