Raw Celestite

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Celestite improves mental vision and intuitive ability. It also connects us to the angelic realms.

Tumbled stone: Raw Celestite

Single stone

Weight: 50 gr

Diameter: 3.5 cm

Note: The weight, size and color may vary slightly from the pictures.


Celestite Properties

Chakras: 3rd Eye (6th), Crown (7th) and Upper Chakras (8th and above)

Angelic communication, serenity, access to higher dimensions.

Celestite enhances mental vision and intuitive ability and helps to attract helping and protective spirits. It brings a sense of quiet uplift to the emotional body and helps us feel optimistic and even euphoric. It is ideal as an environmental purifier and source of gentle positive energies. Celestite can help invigorate artistic creativity as well as support clear ideas and fluid communication.